Change the way you take your coffee!

Lily Kerridge Coffee

We began in Hong Kong in 2012 as a luxury gourmet coffee company serving the Asian market.  Almost immediately, we became obsessed with delivering new ways to consume coffee.  Whether it was creating coffee snacks or single serve drips bags or coffee tablets, we are always trying to push the boundary on what it means to consume coffee.  Today we are based in London trying to re-invent the coffee snack by developing a range of coffee treats.  Our innovative products have won several international awards including:

1.) Best of Show (Platinum) - Coffee Category at the World Beverage Competition 2017

2.) Finalist - Best Beverage Concept at the World Food Innovation Awards 2017

3.) Winner - Best Artisanal Product at the World Food Innovation Awards 2017

4.) Best packaging (Gold) - World Beverage Competition 2017

5.) Finalist - Best coffee at the World Beverage Innovation Awards 2016


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